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This week will follow the Regular Week Schedule (A1-A2-A3-B1-B2).  See bell schedule below for specific times.
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Moanalua Athletics

The goal of this homepage is to interact with, entertain and inform our visitors on the sports happenings here at Moanalua High School. The athletic program of Moanalua High School is a dynamic, integral part of the educational experience. It will provide meaningful learning opportunities. Lessons learned will provide the student-athletes with life-long lessons for personal growth and values such a sportsmanship, teamwork, ethical behavior, perseverance, commitment, loyalty, self-discipline, pride and cooperation, responsibility and leadership skills. 
 Important News, Updates & Dates
Winter & Spring Sports
JV Girls Tennis: tryouts to start this Wednesday, 10/16, until next week Monday.
Wednesday, Friday, and Monday from 4:00-6:00 pm. Pink athletic sheets with them. Tennis racket, comfortable athletic wear, shoes,  and water.
E-Sports Team: Practices have started. See Sarge Britt in the ROTC room for more info.

Each season is divided into 3 different phases.
Preseason Practice on the PlayVS platform.
Week 0: 10/14/2019 and 10/21/2019

Regular Season Each team's record determines the standings for entering the Playoffs Season.

Week 1: 10/28/2019  
Week 2: 11/4/2019
Week 3: 11/11/2019
Week 4: 11/18/2019
Week 5: 12/2/2019
Week 6: 12/9/2019
Week 7: 12/16/2019

Playoffs Season The top teams play in a single-elimination bracket until the finalists are determined.
Playoffs: January 2020
Championships: TBD 

Girls Soccer - Conditioning:  start Monday September 16, 330pm-545pm, Monday through Thursday. 
Tryouts:  start Monday November 4, 4pm-6pm, Monday through Friday. 
Required for Conditioning and Tryouts:  pink clearance slip, running & soccer shoes, hydration 
Boys Soccer - Conditioning: Starts Wednesday August 28 4-5 pm and Thursday August 29 5-6 pm
Water Polo & Swimming Swimming and water polo conditioning will begin October 2, 2019. Please have your athletic clearance completed and e-mail coach Mark @ prior to your first practice for more information.
Girls Basketball - Practice Schedule Coming Soon
Boys Basketball - Boys Basketball - Tryouts for Varsity & JV Basketball Teams will begin on Thursday November 14th, 4:15 to 6:15 pm @ Mohs gym
Baseball - Weight Lifting M-W-F 20mins after school.  Study hall Tuesday right after school.
JV try-outs Nov.11, 2019, 3:30p 
Vars try-outs Feb. 10, 2019, 3:30p
Parent Meeting (Mandatory for parents and athletes): 
November 15, 2019 in the gym 6:30 for Winter Sports
February 18, 2020 in the gym 6:30 for Spring Sports
Concussion Testing (Mandatory for all sports/try-outs): 
Oct 3, 2019 in the library 10:00am Winter Sports 9th, 11th and transfer students
Dec 19, 2019 in the library 10:00am Spring Sports 9th, 11th and transfer students
Missed your test?  Contact the Athletic Trainers (808) 305-1147
Cheerleading 2018 HHSAA State Champions (Large Division)
Boys & Girls Judo HHSAA State Champions
Girls Air Rifle OIA Champions
Girls Volleyball White OIA Champions
Boys & Girls Wrestling OIA Champions
Boys Basketball OIA Champions
Boys & Girls Judo OIA Champions
Girls Golf OIA Champions
Boys Volleyball OIA Champions
Noah Wusstig Wrestling and Judo State Champion
Boltyn Tamm Wrestling State Champion
Dayne Takai Judo State Champion
McCade Ho Judo State Champion
Faith Joy Okubo Judo State Champion
Sports Clearance Packets can be downloaded from parent information links on the left side of page or picked up at the main Office, registras office or in athletic training room (S bldg)  Click Here for the ATHLETIC CLEARANCE PROCEDURES

The Moanalua High School Athletic Department tries it's best to provide parents and student athletes the most accurate information on this web site. We provide weekly calendars, monthly calendars, and the official OIA sports season calendar. Sometimes there are mistakes and events are rescheduled. Please remember that times and sites are subject to change. For the most up to date times and information please check with the athletes coach, check the local newspapers or call the athletic office at 837-8066.
Moanalua Athletics Facilities:
State Champions 
1985 Boys Bowling 1990 Boys Bowling 1994 Girls Track
1996 Boys Basketball 1997 Boys Basketball 1999 Girls Wrestling
2000 Girls Wrestling 2001 Girls Wrestling 2003 Competitive Cheer
2004 Competitive Cheer 2004 Boys Bowling 2005 Competitive Cheer
2006 Girls Golf 2010 Boys Judo 2011 Boys Judo
2012 Boys Judo 2012 Boys Golf 2015 Competitive Cheer
2016 Boys Golf 2016 Boys Air Rifle 2016 Competitive Cheer
2017 Boys Air Rifle 2018 Boys Judo 2018 Girls Judo 
Boys Golf
2018  Competitive Cheer  2019
Boys Judo
Girls Judo 

State Runner Up
1978 Boys Basketball 1979 Girls Bowling 1981 Boys Soccer
1984 Boys Bowling 1987 Boys Cross Country 1991 Girls Track
1991 Girls Cross Country 1992 Girls Basketball 1998 Boys Soccer
1998 Girls Wrestling 2002 Girls Wrestling 2003 Girls Wrestling
2005 Girls Soccer 2007 Competitive Cheer 2008 Boys Judo
2009 Boys Judo 2009 Boys Golf 2009 Competitive Cheer
2010 Boys Golf 2010 Competitive Cheer 2011 Baseball
2011 Competitive Cheer 2012 Competitive Cheer 2013 Boys Judo
2013 Boys Golf 2014 Boys Golf 2014 Girls Judo
2015 Boys Golf 2015 Boys Judo 2016 Boys Volleyball
2016 Girls Bowling 2017 Boys Judo 2017 Boys Golf
2018 Boys Volleyball        
OIA Titles
1 Air Rifle Boys 6 Basketball Boys 1 Baseball
1 Air Rifle Girls 4 Basketball Girls 13 Golf Boys
1 Bowling Boys 0 Paddling Boys 11 Golf Girls
4 Bowling Girls 0 Paddling Girls 13 Judo Boys
7 Cheer 1 Paddling Mixed 3 Judo Girls
3 Cross Country Boys 1 Soccer Boys 0 Softball
5 Cross Country Girls 3 Soccer Girls 0 Tennis Boys
1 Football 0 Swimming Boys 3 Tennis Girls
0 Soft Tennis Girls 0 Swimming Girls 0 Track Boys
1 Soft Tennis Boys 3 Wrestling Boys 2 Track Girls
6 Volleyball Girls 6 Wrestling Girls 10 Volleyball Boys
        as of 9/28/19 0 Water Polo Girls


Athletic Director: Joel Kawachi 
Telephone: (808) 837-8066
Assistant Athletic Director: Dane Canida
Telephone: (808) 305-1150
Athletic Training Staff 
Athletic Trainers website

Cynthia Shimoda, A.T.C.
Lee Inouye, A.T.C.
Telephone: (808) 305-1146
Infomation for Parents:
Athletic Department Info  
MoHS Athletic Vision & Mission
MoHS Athletic Philosophy
Parent - Athlete Handbook
FREE online sportsmanship course 

Athletic Clearance information 
(all 4 need to be submitted and a concussion baseline test taken to athletic trainers for clearance)
1. Physical Form
2. Consent Risk Form 
3. Student Publication/ Audio/Video Release Form
4. $10.00 processing fee
(checks made out to Moanalua High School)

Download Risk Video Form
Video can be seen in the Video Section above
Athletic Booster Club   
Download a membership application[here]
Booster Club Officers
President - Geri Mehrtens
Vice President - Teri Wasano
Secretary - Amy Calicdan
Assistant Secretary - Paula Kaiura
Treasurer - Chris Miyashiro
Membership Chair - Pat Nitta
Asst. Membership - Gay Kawakami
Hall of Fame
Boys Judo Team
Girls Judo Team
Competitive Cheer Team
Noah Wusstig - Judo, Wrestling
Kelci Sumida - Soccer
Faith Joy Okubo - Judo, Wrestling
Max Slaughter - Volleyball
Kaylee Sumida - Soccer
Nicholas Au - Football, Volleyball
Raven Rosa-Lasco - Softball, Basketball
Nicole Lauro - Cheer
Reyna Iwamoto - Swimming
Cole Fukumitsu - Air Rifle, Volleyball
Boys Air Rifle Team
Boys Judo Team
Girls Judo Team
Boys Golf Team
Logan Garcia - Judo, Wrestling
Damien Agao - Judo, Wrestling, Football
Chase Wusstig - Judo, Wrestling
Amanda Higa - Judo, Wrestling, Softball
Carly Dailey - XC, Track
Caleb Casinas - Basketball, Volleyball
Delylah Sanerivi - Basketball, Volleyball
Haahula Crisostomo - Volleyball, Judo, Wrestling
Mariah Tanner - Track, Cheer
Kyrah Hughley - Basketball, Judo
Aj Teraoka - Golf
Boys Air Rifle Team
Competitive Cheer Team
Tyra Sanchez - Bowling
Antonio Ruiz - Wrestling
Jun Ho Won - Golf
Khaitlin Bernaldez - Wrestling
Anuhea Keene - Cheerleading
Isaiah Jackson - Football, Basketball
Justin Enoki - Air Rifle
Ryan Ramones - Football
RJ Dominguez - Basketball, Volleyball
Sienna Ho - Judo, Basketball
Austin Matautia - Volleyball
Aimee Iwamoto - Swimming
Christian Nishimura - Swimming
Caelab Reyes - Wrestling
Johanna Kruize - Volleyball
Shawn Lu - Golf
Kyosuke Hara - Golf
Boys Golf Team
Competitive Cheer Team
Chevy Tabiolo-Felecilda - Football, Wrestling, Judo
Karson Cruz - Football, Basketball, Volleyball
Silerolia Gaogao - Volleyball
Kulana Salera - Wrestling, Judo
Zorich Palimo'o - Football, Wrestling, Judo
Jason Sharsh - Football
Eric Miyauchi - Cross Country, Basketball, Track
Kyrie McRaven - Basketball
Jackie Agena - Judo
Kathleen Funcheon - Track
Leisha Yamauchi - Softball
Micah Kaneshiro - Football
Chad Aragon - Football
John Oda - Golf
Kristyn Takai - Judo
Angela Enos - Wrestling, Judo
Skylan Engleman - Boys Volleyball
Lachae MacColor - Girls Basketball
Thomas Cheong- Track
Chaeden Grace-Reyes- Judo & Wrestling
Scott Pagano- Football
Brianne Jhun- Judo & Wrestling
Storm Kenui- Girls Soccer
Kahanu Pu'ulei Auld- Boys Basketball
Eimi Koga- Golf
Austin Davis- Track & Cross Country
Troy Souza- Judo & Wrestling
Derek Lee Loy- Judo & Wrestling
Justin Fujiwara- Judo & Wrestling
Sang Yoon Kim- Judo & Wrestling
Kelsen Onigama- Judo & Wrestling 
Brandt Tsuda- Judo
Keira Baker- Wrestling
Nakoa Chun- Judo & Wrestling
Jasmine McNair- Track
Kiana Mattos-Felicilda- Softball
Dillon Turk- Football & Basketball
Erin Perez- Girls Volleyball
Kolby Kanetake- Boys Volleyball
Joshua Buted- Boys Volleyball
Matthew Lee- Judo & Wrestling
Nainoa Eselu- Football
Kaisha Chu- Girls Soccer
Richard Villasenor- Football, Basketball
Sharee Acosta- Track, Cross Country
Richard Harpol- Boys Volleyball
Dexter Williams- Boys Basketball
Tyler Ota- Boys Golf
Sophie Curatilo- Track, Cross Country
Tiana Fujimoto- Girls Soccer
Bronson Shim- Baseball
Frank Loyd Jr.- Football
Xavier Peterson - Football
Brady Lafortune - Football, Judo, Wrestling
Tahje Canyon - Football
Ipulasi Eselu - Football
Marcus Monroe - Basketball
Chelsie Hata - Air Rifle
Carsen Mata - Girls Volleyball
Essaye Villaver - Football, Track
Deena Dela Cruz - Basketball, Softball, Volleyball 
Kristina Merkle - Golf 
Justin Osumi - Judo 
Rachel Ostovich - Cheerleading, Wrestling, Judo
Tyler Pinkney - Track, Football 
Justin Watanabe - Football, Soccer, Judo 
Branen Yamamoto - Wrestling, Judo 
Stevie Austin- Basketball 
Derron Maki- Judo 
Julie Nagata- Cheerleading 
Jordan Monico- Football, Baseball
Sarah Robinson- Volleyball, Softball 
Kaleinani Kabalis- Volleyball 
Britni Ronolo- Basketball, softball
Savi'i Eselu-Football
Bryan Fujiwara- Judo, Soccer
Brianna Amian- Volleyball
Stanford Leti-Football
Quinton Tang-Football
MoHS Girls Golf Team
Alicia Fu-Wrestling
Andrew Lester-Swimming
MoHS Varsity Cheerleaders