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Military Corner

Child and Youth Behavioral Military and Family Life Counselor Program (CYB-MFLC)
Who are CYB-MFLCs and What Do They Do?
  • Masters or Doctorate-level licensed counselors specializing in child and youth behavioral issues.
  • Available at no cost to assist students, parents, family members and staff.
  • Available to provide short0term, non-medical counseling support.  Services are private and confidential with the exception of child abuse/neglect, domestic abuse, and other duty-to-warn situations.
How do CYB-MFLCs Make a Difference?
CYB-MFLCs are the first line of defense -- focused on prevention and keeping troops in the fight-- mission focused and family ready.
CYB-MFLCs will:
  • Provide immediate, confidential, unfettered access to support for any member of the military community.  With confidentiality as a bedrock principal, the MFLC program reduces the stigma of seeking help for the common stressors of military life, enabling proactive engagement to facilitate mission focus and family readiness.
  • Care for the whole family and school staff support.  MFLCs are available to service members, spouses, military children and dependents, as well as school staff.  Knowing that the stressors of military life don't end when troops leave the base, MFLCs support total readiness by serving the entire military community.
  • CYB-MFLCs can facilitate discussion groups, workshops, peer support forums and other innovative engagements to address the common stressors of military life.
Examples of how CYB-MFLC provides support:
  • Observing, participating, and engaging in activities with children and youth
  • Outreaching to parents
  • Recommending referrals to military social services and other local resources as needed
  • Being available to parents and staff to discuss interactions with children and other concerns
  • Facilitating psycho-educational groups
Issues Addressed by CYB-MFLCs
Subject areas may include, but are not limited to the following:
  • School adjustment
  • Reunion adjustment
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Self-esteem/self-confidence
  • Deployment and separation
  • Sibling and parent-child communication
  • Fear, grief and loss
Contact Information
Program Brochure (click here)
Consent Form for Services (click here)
Please contact the CYB-MFLC at 808-285-9200, or your child's guidance counselor for more information regarding the Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) program.  
The CYB-MFLC is located in the College and Career Center (T-Building). 
Visitors (non-students) must check in at the Administration Office before proceeding to the MFLC office.

Child & Youth Behavioral Program Brochure (click below)
MFLC Consent Form
(2 pages) - Print, sign, and return to Registrar's Office