Moanalua High School

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This week is a C-Week (HOL-C1-C2-C3-C4).   See the Bell Schedule section/tab below for specific times.  Next week will also follow C-Week schedule due to School-wide ACT/PreACT Test Day (C1-TEST-C2-C3-C4)



MeneMAC is Moanalua High School's technology and learning center program. Our program consists of two main storytelling programs which are Broadcast Journalism and MeneMAC Film.

MeneMAC Films is a creative outlet for Moanalua High students. Students create content such as short films, documentary, music video, public service announcements and whatever covers the gamut of creativity. Everything that we see and breathe has a story teeming below the surface. We live in a world that is abound with creativity and is waiting for it to be discovered. Our students are trained to see the world in a different way and with a critical eye.

Check out some of our work on Vimeo:
MeneMAC Application 2020-21 (see files below)